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Cryptowriter: Chasing Catalysts - The Ideology of Worth in a New Era

25 Nov 2020 Thomas Wolf

26 November 2020
Really happy to see you back on here. Best of luck with the recovery. Be well

The Future of Evoting 2021 & Beyond: CARDANO dPoS eVoting with Secure IDs? Voter Survival Checklist Attached

21 Nov 2020 thunderboltkid

23 November 2020
Thanks for the follow-up. When I find some time I’ll have to look into Iota more. I’m sure blockchain for voting will be the same as crypto in general: it will be anathema to the status quo until it’s not and then all the institutions will get on board and act like they were there first (probably with a CBDC shite token govern it). I find your articles always provoke me to challenge my thinking. Thanks for sharing

The Future of Evoting 2021 & Beyond: CARDANO dPoS eVoting with Secure IDs? Voter Survival Checklist Attached

21 Nov 2020 thunderboltkid

22 November 2020
How did I know you’d be a silver bug. There is a lot of certainty and answers in this post. Not the conclusion I’d draw from humanity this year but always thought provoking and extremely detailed. I’ll be interested to see if blockchain tech gets applied to voting systems. I saw recently a Harvard or MIT study panning blockchain for voter security. Not that I’d imagine you’d care about their opinion but it might be a window into more mainstream ideology.

Geyser (GYSR) rewards analysis: When to pull out ?

15 Nov 2020 PVMihalache

16 November 2020
I tried it too but pulled out when the rewards started counting backwards. Psychologically, I’m far too weak for number go down, even if it’s virtually meaningless I need the illusion of progress. I’m off to fly in and out of other platforms too fast. I’m on about my 3rd try with unifi, see if it sticks this time. Thanks for continuing to share your experience👍

Cryptowriter: DEGO Finance Part 1 an Overview

10 Nov 2020 MaddCryptoDogg

16 November 2020
Thanks for the offer! I do have a couple questions. Do you know what the idea is with having a location attached to the NFT mining pool? I want to know more about the communities but I didn’t find anything in the docs. Also, have you created a bot yet? Why are they are giving that warning about withdrawing? Once I’ve mined enough bsc I’ll make one so I guess I’ll find out either way. Also, seems like the fees are lower on the binance side, hopefully that lasts

Cryptowriter: DEGO Finance Part 1 an Overview

10 Nov 2020 MaddCryptoDogg

15 November 2020
Thanks for getting back to me. I think I’ve actually managed to do it right

Cryptowriter: DEGO Finance Part 1 an Overview

10 Nov 2020 MaddCryptoDogg

14 November 2020
Hey, thanks for sharing. I’ve been mining on the Eth but I have yet to quite figure out the BSC side of things. Time to try and figure out how to interact with every on Binance moving from eth. I’m assuming that an Dego earned on Eth isn’t just going to be operable on bsc but I can’t find any confirmation of this or how/if they can convert. I’m assuming I need to use BNB to buy a NFT to earn bsc dego and then use that but I guess I’ll see soon

Geyser, $GYSR and APY hotter than lava!

6 Nov 2020 PVMihalache

07 November 2020
Jebus, these fees make a lot of these platforms inaccessible

Geyser, $GYSR and APY hotter than lava!

6 Nov 2020 PVMihalache

07 November 2020
Something new for me to flail into. I didn’t have enough Uni for the LP fees to outweigh the impermanent loss, so time to see if I can Geyser can unlock more value there. Thanks sharing

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research Invests $3M in Trading Platform

4 Nov 2020 Abhimanyu Krishnan

05 November 2020
Pretty much, He took them over after the original chef Nomi decided to pay himself like 7 million in Eth. Although Chef nomi was anonymous, so it could have been him all along i suppose.

A shot of oxygen - GIVEAWAY in The Periodic Table NFT

20 Oct 2020 Robertoit

21 October 2020
Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated. I look forward to continuing to follow along with this. It would be really cool if elements could be combined into molecules for defi or a new NFT. Seems like there are so many ways this project could grow.

A shot of oxygen - GIVEAWAY in The Periodic Table NFT

20 Oct 2020 Robertoit

21 October 2020
kpxaw.wam This is a really great way to promote this project. Thanks for sharing

Nitrogen NFT, Crypto Opportunities and 1000 followers

19 Oct 2020 PVMihalache

20 October 2020
Good luck with the Harvest creative competition. If they aren’t all claimed, here is my wax address kpxaw.wam Thanks

Crypto Passive Income Report - September 2020

1 Oct 2020 ExponentialOne

02 October 2020
Gas prices have pushed me to Tron too. I like the term “sardine” that’s where i see myself too. I’ve been exploring with Sun. Given the low costs and high speed, it might be worth checking out. Best of luck with it

Gas Fees Are Not The Only Reason TRX Is Enjoying DeFi Adoption

28 Sep 2020 Sapphire

29 September 2020
After seeing the gas on Aave, I’ve shifted to TRX a lot more. The speed and cost of the network have let me try out different components of defi and start small and then grow if it seems to work . Whether they are great investments or not is another story

Let's Explore The World Of Passive Crypto Income - Part 5

26 Sep 2020 Sapphire

28 September 2020
I’ve liked using Sun so far. I’ve been exploring the LP tokens on there too.

A Different Approach to Mining SUN

18 Sep 2020 Sapphire

19 September 2020
I’ve enjoyed soaking up the sun but I’m definitely going to look into Dlive. Positioning yourself relative to APR is smart. I wonder how long until Tron releases it’s own version of yearn to optimize the process

Why my BAT is Sitting on AAVE

15 Sep 2020 SupportiveNormie

16 September 2020
This is basically my exact experience with Aave so far too. Not bad but definitely seems to require a bigger commitment to make it work I agree with you that “both Aave and BAT seem stable enough to not disappear out of existence soon” so hopefully time is on our side

This Is Why TRX Will Be A Dominating Force This Super Cycle

13 Sep 2020 Sapphire

14 September 2020
Have you started experimenting with an dApps or specific Tron-related platforms yet? I’ve been exploring Klever, JustSwap and Unifi, which seem legit so far but with less users sharing their experiences on theses platforms, I’m finding them harder to vet than a project like Aave or Polkadot. Thanks for sharing your perspective

Why I Didn't Use JustSwap to Buy UP

11 Sep 2020 xyzashu

13 September 2020
Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m definitely going to experiment with liquidity pooling on tron as I don’t have the capital or confidence to make a significant enough move to just the gas costs on Eth

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Fame and Fortune for NFT Artists with Charged Particles

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Tezos smart contract usage continues to grow: 183% compared to last month

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Cryptowriter: Talking Crypto with My Mother, The Accountant

31 Oct 2020 6 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

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Let's Explore The World Of Passive Crypto Income - Part 9

24 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

A Slight Income Flow Adjustment As discussed in previous editions, one of the most important aspects of creating Passive Crypto Income streams is to compound earnings. This can be accomplished through reinvestment or reallocation into new income gene... – Stake&Earn DApp – Weekly Recap #8

20 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments TronList

Another week has passed and it’s time for our newest weekly recap of We will check how the dividends have been doing, have there been any updates, what to expect next from T2X’s developers and why is it the perfect time to grow your T2X...



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