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Hey there! I'm just an average Vancouverite who has been mining for several years now, and have used everything from GPUs to ASICs and from CPUs to USB miners! I also write about global news with the World International News Group and do some photography!

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Gas Pipeline Explosion Kills 13 in Bangladesh

5 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

As worshipers were about to end their prayers at a mosque in the Narayangani district outside the Bangladeshi capital city of Dhaka, a gas pipeline explosion took place, killing at least 13 people and injuring about 30 others. Among the dead is a chi...

Oil Tanker on Fire off Sri Lanka Coast

5 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

A 330 meter-long (1080 foot-long) Panamanian-registered oil tanker called the New Diamond suffered an engine explosion off the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, and is now on fire. The vessel is carrying about 270,000 tonnes of crude oil, and the Sri Lanka...

Ship with Crew and Cattle Missing in Typhoon off Japan

3 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment AverageVancouverite

The Gulf Livestock 1, a 139 meter-long (450 foot-long) Panamanian-flagged cargo vessel carrying over 40 crew and just under 6,000 cattle is thought to have sunk in the East China Sea off of Japan after being caught in Typhoon Maysak. Japanese coastgu...

116 Killed in Afghanistan Flash Floods in Parwan Province

31 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

In the early morning of Wednesday, Afghanistan's Ministry for Disaster Management reported that flash flooding affected 13 provinces mainly in the northern regions of nation, resulting in the deaths of around 160 people and millions of dollars of eco...

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Resigns for Health Reasons

28 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the nation's longest serving prime minister, has announced his resignation for health reasons, saying that he did not want his illness to get in the way of decision making. The 65 year-old has suffered since his te...

New Zealand Mass Shooter Sentenced to Life Without Parole

28 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

For the first time in its history, New Zealand has issued a life in jail without parole sentence after the trial of 29 year-old Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant. In a 4-day hearing, Mr. Tarrant admitted to the murder of 51 people, attempted murder...

DR Congo Declares Measles Outbreak Over

26 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

At a press conference in the capital city of Kinshasa, Health Minister Eteni Longondo of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) announced that after a massive vaccination campaign that reached over 18,000,000 children last year, the world's...

WHO Reports 11th Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo

23 Aug 2020 1 minute read 2 comments AverageVancouverite

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that in the past 5 weeks, the number of Ebola virus cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has nearly doubled to 100 cases, marking the nation's 11th Ebola outbreak. As of now, 96 of the 100 report...

Sailing Boat Sinking Kills at Least 17 in Haiti

21 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AverageVancouverite

A sailing boat called the Ancelita sank while sailing between Tortuga and Saint-Louis-du-Nord, resulting in at least 17 deaths, including the deaths of 2 children. Officials say that about 30 people were onboard the vessel when it sank, 9 people have...

Shipwreck off Libyan Coast Claims at Least 45 Lives

20 Aug 2020 1 minute read 2 comments AverageVancouverite

At least 45 migrants and refugees are confirmed dead after a deadly shipwreck off the coast of Libya, marking the deadliest shipwreck off the Libyan coast this year, and bringing the total confirmed death toll of those attempting to cross the Mediter...


Australia Sees Almost 400 Whale Deaths in Record Stranding

24 Sep 2020 AverageVancouverite

24 September 2020
According to an announcement by Nic Deka, the regional manager for Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service, they're using cranes for some and slings for others. Sadly, it is unlikely that all the remaining survivors stranded on the beach will make it :(

Australia Sees Almost 400 Whale Deaths in Record Stranding

24 Sep 2020 AverageVancouverite

24 September 2020
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed!

WHO Reports 11th Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo

23 Aug 2020 AverageVancouverite

24 August 2020
It truly is heartbreaking. Often times, people are unable to get a diagnosis or medical treatment simply because they live further away or in a more rural area. I know some groups like MSF try to go into areas that are less serviced to provide medicine, support, and awareness of diseases.

Official BananoJob #9: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

16 Aug 2020 banano

24 August 2020

Mali President and Prime Minister Captured by Soldiers

19 Aug 2020 AverageVancouverite

19 August 2020
Well... Their President just resigned and dissolved parliament. So we'll just have to see.

Russians to be Offered 1 Free Hectare of Land in the Arctic

19 Jul 2020 AverageVancouverite

25 July 2020
Thank you very much! It's free for 5 years, and if they want to keep it at the end, they can choose to lease or purchase the land. Still pretty cool though.

Statera Project AMA: $200 in DAI Prize Pool for Participants! #StateraAMAPublish0x


14 July 2020
Thank you very much for the answer! I agree with it, and wish you all the best!

Statera Project AMA: $200 in DAI Prize Pool for Participants! #StateraAMAPublish0x


14 July 2020
Hey there! Could you tell me just a little more about the Sttatera team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn't go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes. Thank you for the AMA, and I look forward to your response! :)

BTC is superior to Gold: 83 tonnes of FAKE gold dumped on the market by Chinese Firm

1 Jul 2020 FarewelltoMinds

02 July 2020
well... At least I don't store my money as gold...

Grayscale Bought Over 9500 Bitcoins Last Week

5 Jun 2020 Abhi K

06 June 2020
Great information! Thank you for sharing! :)

One Dead In Canadian Forces Snowbirds Jet Crash

18 May 2020 AverageVancouverite

18 May 2020
I personally live Vancouver, and have seen the Snowbirds so many times. Even though this was an expensive operation, it was nevertheless a horrible way for the Snowbirds to end their nationwide tour :(

Should I Mine Bitcoin?

5 May 2020 AverageVancouverite

12 May 2020
I used to have an early S9 unit. Sadly, the device is no longer functioning :(

14 Workers Killed by Train in India Amid Lockdowns

9 May 2020 AverageVancouverite

09 May 2020
Well... I guess they were tired and made a horrible, once in a lifetime decision...

Store Bitcoin with a Paper Wallet

8 May 2020 CoinSteps

09 May 2020
Nice and effective short little guide! reminds me of the time several years back when I stored around 10,000 dogecoin and lost the piece of paper...

13 Dead and Over 800 Injured in India Chemical Plant Gas Leak

7 May 2020 AverageVancouverite

07 May 2020
Right now, they're still investigating so the true cause is still not known.

Brave Browser Users To Receive Rewards in BNB & BUSD In Addition To BAT

5 May 2020 xqanxxx

06 May 2020
Hmmm.... I like the idea of a Stablecoin added, but not so much a non-stable coin... I feel like that makes BAT less unique. Also... why not DAI?

Should I Mine Bitcoin?

5 May 2020 AverageVancouverite

06 May 2020
Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!

Should I Mine Bitcoin?

5 May 2020 AverageVancouverite

06 May 2020
Thank you so much! I'll check yours out too!

Saudi Arabia to Abolish Flogging

25 Apr 2020 AverageVancouverite

26 April 2020
Nice to meet someone from my home city! I've also lived in Toronto before!

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We've completed payouts for the last two weeks, and we've spent a lot on gas fees! Should we continue to pay this much for gas in the future, these fees would be a big burden on our budget. A week ago I've written about issues we're facing due to hig...

Announcement: Payouts Delayed Due to Extremely High ETH Gas Fees

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Image: A screenshot from EtherGasStation taken by me today.   Update (September 8th): Payouts have been completed a week late. Thank you for all of your feedback and patience! The solution we've settled on to remedy the high gas fees is to switch fr...

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BananoJobs is THE place where everyone can create or complete bounties or microtasks: Earn BANANO for completing small tasks (called BananoJobs), orPay BANANO to others to get things done. Everyone can use BananoJobs to complete or create bounties. B...

Grayscale Bought Over 9500 Bitcoins Last Week

5 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Abhi K

Grayscale investments purchased over 9500 Bitcoins for its Bitcoin Trust last week, accumulating even further as it now has bought over 28000 BTC since the halving - almost 10000 more than has been mined in the same period.  Kevin Rooke, who has bee...

Publish0x Reaches 100k Accounts! Celebration: $200 in DAI Prizes and 30% Bigger Rewards for a Week!

19 May 2020 2 minute read comments Igor Tomić

100,000th account has just been registered on Publish0x! It's a big milestone for any project, one that we don't take for granted. To commemorate this milestone, we are doing a few things.   Publish0x Celebrates 100k Registered Users with a Bang! 3...

Rust HDK (Holochain Development Kit): Basics of Developing Distributed Peer-to-Peer Holochain Apps

18 Apr 2020 23 minute read comments rhyzom

"Computers are language machines."— ­Paul N. Edwards So, Holochain, as some of you are perhaps well aware, is a development framework for peer-to-peer social apps (for, broadly speaking, large-scale sense-making, coordination and distributed, colle...

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We want to help you stay safe, and to entice users to stay at homes and read good articles, we've decided to make a Special Weekend Event: Tips  on Publish0x are bigger by 30% from now until Monday. Enjoy 30% bigger tips during the whole of Saturday...

Deutsche Bank: "Crypto Could Replace Fiat by 2030".

21 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments alberdioni8406

**a post that worth to remember** Bitcoin is the first descentralized asset the world saw and that is gradually being adopted worldwide, that  broke the barrier of $0 to $20,000 in 8 years and now maintaining in $7257 (present day) and that in future...

If you put $1,000 in these 33 top coins in Jan 1, you would now have...

13 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments Mappo

  This article is going to be short and to the point.Everyone is saying Bitcoin is the best performing Asset in 2020. I thought I'd look at some of the most popular coins if I invested $1,000. Out of this list of 33 coins, BTC is only better than 2...



Hey, Guys n Girls I am Aditya from India 🇮🇳 and writing on a blog 📖 CoinMantra.co where I talk on Crypto and Blockchain 😎


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I am a Born Again Christian and I believe Cryptocurrency is also a good platform to share the word of God.


I am sports expert since 2009.


I'm a freelance writer. Hence I read a lot to gain more knowledge and put them to work.


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sou uma pessoa batalhadora e não desisto nunca






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The world is an infinitely evolving ecosystem, full of wonder we seek to discover the latest technologies disrupting our surroundings. Working towards a new adventure sailing around the world, powered by solar and wind in an Eco Catamaran.


Hi my name is Darren and I am a 51 year old Crypto Enthusiast from Ontario Canada. Have a great day.


Content Writer and Translator interested in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Self-employed Sports Enthusiast and Researcher.


I am an old dog attempting to learn new tricks. My area of expertise is "What not to do". I am interested in crypto, technology, and data science.

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if you want to write a paid article for your projects, contact me. sedat.dery@gmail.com #articleexpert Stratejist marketing & field specialist


My name is David and i enjoy spending time with family and friends and reading and listening to music.


I am a child of God


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im that one guy


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My name is Vitaliy i am from Ukraine. My favorite site:https://markethive.com/olympikus/page/olympikus


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Innovative entity.


Hello! I'm Marlon from Philippines and recently fill this form to be a member on this community. Presently, I am taking this opportunity to know more about Cryptocurrency and to understand more, invest and make money.

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I am a 33 year old Tuscan entrepreneur in the food sector, and a great enthusiast for blockchain and cryptocurrency...


I love cryptocurrency ....


i am moose, I like cryptos.


I am an aspiring music producer. I love trance and pop. I also do some programming .


I enjoy learning and investing in crypto currencies

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National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer, now living in Ireland. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!


Artist, Photographer, Writer, Creative Innovator, Website / Graphic Designer, & HR Manager in West Jordan, Utah. I enjoy learning new things, traveling to historic, paranormal, and abandoned locations, rock hounding, museums, technology, and the abstract.

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Crypto enthusiast that loves learning more each day about the world of blockchain and all its capabilities.


Hello, newcomer into the crypto currency world, i want to share and learn, knowledge, tips, news and good opportuny about crypto, see you soon, or not, no one know, but crypto continue!


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I enjoy discovering- and writing about- fun, informative and profitable things in all kinds of arenas: cryptocurrency, blogging, marketing and more! The Brave browser came first for me, and Publish0x more recently... it all just makes sense!


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I love Deep Web & Crypto ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀




Free speech absolutist - Finds humor in life - Some of my posts are for those 18+ years old - I write unfiltered about my life and topics that interest me - Wisdom and folly contained herein


I am a well rounded person with vast experiences in life. I can talk about almost anything


I am an aviator


Likes to keep an eye on dystopian fiction & reality. Loves to blog & make experimental synthesizer music. Covers pessimistic stuff with an optimistic mindset.

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Join my journey to see what we can find in the Crypto-Gaming scene. I always try to read some pieces from people who follow me and love having a good chat. GG's


French crypto-fan .. and crypto-worker at my lost times ..


im curious about cryptos and doing so want to earn from them the best way possible.


Small Business Owner, MMA Fighter, and Crypto Lover. 👍😁💯

arif subandrio

can give a smile to others


Nature lover


Im crypto lover.


Earn money everyday


I am a young adult who's interests include reading, writing, listening to music, and kdramas.


a fun of crypto


em busca de novos horizontes


What we call reality is nothing but a gathering of flimsy similarities held together by habit


earn crypto passion of NFL


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Im a crypto lover, a humble and kind hearted person, i love to go out with friends and also a busy person always thinking more of my job.


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I love crypto




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I have tons of interest, I love to read and writing,

Zenifer miti

I'm a simple girl & I have money


I'm a Crypto trader



Blue been



Getting wild in the crypto world


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sou oque sou


I've been hobby CPU mining crypto since 2003 (First LTC, then ByteCoin, now Monero). Now I've just recently started exploring trading, and other crypto fun stuff like BAT, BlockFi and Brave. From Canada. Also big into politics.




Nodejs and Java Developer, learning blockchain.


A crypto lover and just completing Bsc, really love to be in the cryptospace. Love you for leading.


Interested in Blockchain Tech and DLT


Father of one, love God, Family, Friends, Litecoin, Crypto. Enjoy the outdoors, work in the financial industry. Yugioh/Pokemon, sports, love music, most genres, good cook, enjoy reading and learning new things.


Happily married to a wonderful woman. Linux enthusiast, software developer and hacker of all things. I may be stupid, but at least I won't try to scam you.


Crypto and Finance Enthusiast.


Entrepreneur living in Bali


ragazzo allegro




Iyi biriyim


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Sou uma pessoa que é apaixonada por astronomia e mistérios!


im a hardworking person. always believe to yourself that you can do everything as long as you have faith in god.


Male Married and Bitcoin lover.


I am a writer. A tech enthusiast


I am a writer, gamer, healthcare professional. I am.


Easy going n friendly


Im 40.


I usually waste time . I already waste 36 years of my life but the goal is 40


Looking to share knowledge, Ideas, and Thoughts on Crypto, Cash, and Investing. I want to insight conversation amongst our community. And earn some Coins along the way!


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I'm interested in new technology, especially blockchain. I'm a lawyer for some blockchain projects. I support crypto by accepting fees in Bitcoin and some other coins.


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Soy una persona amigable muy divertida


Director, actor and playwright. Life learning genX. I recently discovered the fascinating blockchain world and its every day expanding possibilities.


I'm learn


Vui vẻ

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Sou amante das criptomoedas


Qu orang yg gak puxa yang berusaha mengais rezeki dari internet


I am a passionate cryptographer, I just love this stuff... :-)


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I'm Steven I love Cryptocurrency and love to read. I'm glad to be a part of the Publish0x community and hope you find value in my posts.

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My name is Irma. I am 32 y.o.i came from east of ndonesian it's called Flores Island. I am Happy people and helpfull Person


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Forex Trader & Cryptocurrency Hodler


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More gratitude less attitude. Starve the ego, feed the soul...

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I am a student


I am a person interested in collecting digital currencies


Iam a publisher


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I have a lot of free time and I like to earn money


Зовут Филипп живу России мне31год не женат детей нет.


Student also a business man

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I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️


I am a undergrad student studying at University of Dhaka. I am majoring in Robotics.


Hi, in my free time I like programming and would like to learn something about the website over the next few years and know the related things such as: Java. I started using cryptocurrency a few years ago and am earning the smallest amount. Good luck@all

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soy profesional en artes escénicas, apasionado por las historias que nos invitan a soñar. Estaré compartiendo algunos cuentos que estoy escribiendo. Si puedo hacer algo por usted no dude en buscarme.


I am starting as a blockchain developer. Discovered Bitcoin in early 2017. I love nature and technology among many things.


Pretty new to crypto.

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Malintha sandaruwan

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I live according to the little i have


Stock / Crypto / Real Estate as a Hobby Researcher Biologist as a Mindset Philosophist as a Human


Im very cool , brilliant and intelligent . Im a crypto investor


weird but smart


I am a PhD scholar and Assistant Professor of Tourism and Hospitality with 15 years of experience in the industry and academia. I love publishing content on Travelling, Tourism and Hotels.


The best video of the Crypto World


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pretty, slim and kind..


BA & MSc in Social Sciences. Enthusiastic political analyst. Holder of academically validated analytical and epistemic skills.


Im love my Country and Musik Intersts are Crypto,Networking, Food and my Country Bulgaria


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Retired firefighter- Teach and work with the homeless- see more here- https://corpuschristioutreachministries.blogspot.com/


Just a normal guy in an abnormal world.

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Hola quiero aprender sobre este maravillozo mundo de las priptomonedas ya que es el futuro


I'm a student


BA and MSc in International Relations. New to cryptocurrency. One of the best political analysis. Expert in terrorism, post-conflict states and state-building. Up-to-date to everyday political and foreign news.


A new crypto enthusiast, aspiring writer and photographer


I will do in Bitcoin, Etherium and more

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I'm James. I write how-to guides on digital marketing, analytics and web development products at https://www.technicallyproduct.co.uk/


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I'm calm and intuitive.