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I am self employed, selling frozen food..I am happily married to my wife Lera, and we shall be having a baby boy in February 2020.. we live in Corby, Northamptonshire, and we are interested in cryptocurrency, having been involved since September 2017.

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Tim Draper Oct. 30 Interview - HIGHLIGHTS

31 Oct 2020 Ben Wehrman

01 November 2020
buggy whip--- for the horse and cart driver

Happy Farmer

28 Oct 2020 afronomad.eth

30 October 2020
its a total scam--- i, along with many others, signed up-- did the tasks-- and though the balance shows 100 tokens, there is no withdrawal allowed-- there is no telegram admin available---

Person LOSES $60,000 Worth of Crypto!?!?

23 Oct 2020 cryptoforcanadians

24 October 2020
in my first few naive days in crypto, i was tricked--because of my greed,my normal self secure distrust of others went out the window--because of my greed, i allowed someone else to control a wallet, even though it seemed genuine---this was me rushing in, trying to make money fast-- but i lost money faster than a blink of an eye-- a lesson, a very harsh lesson--- at the time i was a NEWBIE, without much knowledge of the crypto world, and like so many greedy newbies, i wanted the riches quickly.. which never works---- there are many scammers, many scams,, it can be difficult to navigate this crazy world of crypto when new,, but i learnt the hard way, never to trust anyone, never to get out private key details, etc-- now everything is as guarded as fort knox

Introducing Defibox: An All In One DeFi Application Built on EOS

12 Sep 2020 Jimmy D [Uplift.Art l]

30 September 2020
hi--- a very good and well written article for the eos ecosystem-- as of yet, i havent done much on eos, only on REX-- however, i have been chasing the money on many defi projects-- harvest finance, uniswap, yearn,, and others on ethereum,, and akropolis/sparta/delphi on polkadot now having read your article, i shall investigate this .. all the best for the future

Is Uniswap's UNI a Worthless Token?

23 Sep 2020 xyzashu

23 September 2020
hi--0 a good article, somewhat written by the heart, some by mind--- but overall, a good piece--- Uniswap is a business and a protocol, making money behind the scenes--- you need to think outside the box for this-- the developers of uniswap can see the values of each pool, they have their data and metrics in front of them-- do you not think that they would allocate their own funds, and those of the investors, into the highest grossing pools? imagine, 26% return of a few 100 million-- the mind boggles at the return they could get!!

Aave V2, The Seamless Finance

19 Aug 2020 Aave

21 August 2020
its interesting to see how barriers are pushed forwards within crypto/blockchain..with the original idea of BTC being a disruptive tech/payments system to where defi is now, will there be a time when banks throw in the towel in traditional finance? that is a speculative discussion, but we see banks, especially progressive ones, becoming more receptive to this way of life---- it now remains to be seen if banks copy what is happening within defi, to stay relevant

What are Balancer Pools? The Dawn of a New Financial Instrument

16 Jun 2020 KnewMoney

19 June 2020
I enjoy articles that have substance, and this article has plenty! It's always a pleasure to find out something new, even though I consider myself relatively well versed in crypto.. will look into this for sure... Thanks for the article

Project Hydro AMA

10 Feb 2020 User__________

10 February 2020
Why are there many projects zooming in to the African continent, initially it seems? Is it a testing ground, with fewer regulations, apart from a few countries?

Build your Own Crypto Mining Colo, OFF-GRID - Crypto Power Tower

18 Jan 2020 thunderboltkid

19 January 2020
WTF?!?! In a good way!!! Green energy straight at point of delivery..if it works effectively enough, the big guns in China will take your idea.. hope you've got International Patents on this.. This is the next logical step in crypto mining,,, did u base some of this on what Envion had tried to do? Of course, the costs involved will be alot if shipped from one place.. Do u have plans for multi production sites , say in Europe, USA, Africa, etc to reduce costs.. it seems, that with all that will be involved, this is out of reach to all home miners, unless you're pretty well off.. Maybe collaborate with a few other crypto projects, share the costs and profit as a pool of companies,,,IE POWR, Of course, to add extra OOMPH to the electricity generated daily, you could add an array of photo-voltaic cells to the tower, so Wind and Sun in one tower generation structure... I like the post and idea, keep us informed

Will Chainlink put Loopring (LRC) in the spotlight?

17 Jan 2020 kevW!ls0n

18 January 2020
I imagine the service to Looping by Chainlink will incorporate the Google data flow as well.. Google have spies everywhere, so utilising that knowledge of price (ETH etc) will provide the most stable oracle price.. I bought link tokens, after Teeka Tiwari last year gave them a nod, as a project of growth..both fundamentals and price.. he hasn't been wrong. If the well known Dex's come on board, this will obviously have a good major impact.. there is such a price difference, and such a great number of DEXs available.. I haven't read the white paper, so can't comment on the actuality.. so the above is only what I have thought of after reading your article.. thanks for the article, it was something I didn't know about... Regards to you..

Ways to help unemployed citizens earn money and partake in local and global economy

18 Jan 2020 Yamaan Kader

18 January 2020
Hi there.. I've just been writing up a proposal for the local council, to benefit society, by utilising the homeless people here.. basically using them to renovate unused, empty properties, so they can live in them.this gives the homeless extra benefits, and money for rent paid directly out of benefits to the landlords... this all comes with stipulations of course-- to look after the property and land, to retrain via local Training groups, to get a job. There are many homeless people here in the area I live.. I was once homeless as well, and receiving assistance was not possible at all.. I had to break through barriers, now I live in a flat, now married,with a baby due soon.. I'm disabled, had 3 major back operations, I have my own little retail business, and have been dealing in crypto for a few years.. I haven't been able to read your articles through the links yet, but I will... Please keep in touch, as maybe there are ideas we can work on... Through Crypto, I have become friendly with a guy in Africa, I'm from the UK.. I have given him ideas through Crypto to help him,, his situation is dire, and I've tried to help one person.. but I'm a giver, and want to help as many people as I can.. My email... As I said, please keep in touch, send me an email,, let's change the world for the better

The Women Investing in Cryptocurrency

8 Jan 2020

09 January 2020
When CoinBundle were promoting their app, they released videos of people in crypto.. although most were mainly men, I didnt watch.. there was one, about 45 minutes long, which was about one particular woman in crypto.. I can not remember her name.. she had been one of the youngest NGO founders, helping people in war zones..and through her experience with that, she said the next logical step was through Blockchain and crypto to help.. the name of her organisation eludes me as well.. There are plenty of females on Twitter promoting Crypto, and its usage, and a few well known Financial Services females advocating Blockchain and Crypto.. With the vast majority of people not knowing of, or realising the potential of, Bitcoin, crypto and Blockchain, it's going to be difficult to get more women involved.. and I for one wish that more females would come into the scene.. they can offer the same as men, but they've always been sidestepped and undervalued, without justification really.. I got my wife into Crypto investing and trading, and I'm introducing my daughter's to this as well.. I'm 51 years old, and foolishly listened to my naysayer male friends in 2011 about bitcoin..I didn't invest then, and left it to summer 2017.. Stupid!!!! Men often see in hindsight, whereas women have an ability that we men often lack,, and it's this within women that should be nurtured and brought forth, allow women to take more of a step forward than at present.. The future is bright in crypto, I hope more women come on board too

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Bitcoin Price Models

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