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Altcoin Overview #3 - BitCash (BITC)

5 Mar 2020 LiteLiger

06 March 2020
Very interesting article! Thanks you.

Comprehensive List of Enterprises Partnering with blockchain in 2019

5 Mar 2020 Mappo

06 March 2020
Very interesting article! Thanks you.

PublishOx Bountyox and Hydro coins

5 Jan 2020 nzflyer

06 March 2020
Good reads. I like it

Top Things You Should Know About Chainlink (LINK)

17 Feb 2020 MuyAsk

06 March 2020
and publish articles about ChainLink

What is RIF Token? (RIF) [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding RIF]

21 Nov 2019 Mr.CryptoWiki

06 March 2020
yes very good information. RIF and RBTC history thanks for the info

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Why is XRP such a big deal anyway?

9 Mar 2020 4 minute read comments cam_elica_24

Did you ever wonder how come XRP is the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and yet its price has remained in Cents for the greater part of the last two years while the other coins in the top 5 have been trading in Dollars, in hundr...

Deflationary Tokens Explained - Featuring PYRO, BOMB, BURN & SMASH

9 Mar 2020 5 minute read comments Crypto Adventure

The crypto space is rapidly expanding and in-comes different token models with different features leveraging varied mechanisms. Tokens in the crypto space are broadly categorized into either inflationary token or deflationary tokens. An inflationary...

Weekly Bearish Cryptocurrency Market And Bitcoin Technical Analysis Review

9 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments Rubikav®

Unfortunately we did not have a positive weekly closure for the cryptocurrency market. We are opening a new week with Bitcoin around USD $8043 approximately, breaking with force one of the most important supports, the EMA50 and the high trend line we...

How to Become a Successful Publish0x Author

9 Mar 2020 7 minute read comments CryptoSorted

What defines a successful author on Publish0x and how can you become one of them? As an Author on Publish0x, my primary goal is to help more people become successful crypto investors while also being able to at least cover the cost of my internet us...

March 2020

8 Mar 2020 6 minute read comments Alias

Welcome to the March 2020 newsletter. First, apologies for a missing February newsletter. The lack of said newsletter shouldn’t worry anyone too much. There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes. We have defined our mission and set out some gu...

Bitcoin Behind Bars: The Practical Use Case of Blockchain Deployment for Prison Commissaries

8 Mar 2020 5 minute read comments bettercallpaul

Use Case Ideas - Prison Commissary Purchases and Inmate Accounts by W. Paul Alexander Bitcoin Behind Bars We all know that mass adoption of Blockchain technology is right around the bend.  From cash alternatives to settlement projects to worl...

Staking - centralization risk

8 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Tradelize

This week, the news about Steemit drew particular attention. Let's look at what's happening from the other side. This whole situation is indirectly reminiscent of how the board of directors fired Steve Jobs. At the meeting, they voted against the com...

How Do Non-Custodial Exchanges Work Without A User Management System?

8 Mar 2020 8 minute read comments ankarlie

Introduction: Another CEX Excuse In what seems to be becoming a common trend nowadays another centralized exchange (CEX) has gained the attention of the crypto trading community for its inability to process withdrawals. After Fcoin’s revelation of it...

This Crypto Powerhouse Have Just Released Their Economic Whitepaper: Potential Moonshot Prediction?

5 Mar 2020 4 minute read comments Sal Miah

Aelf is on the verge of its next step in the blockchain journey. The decentralized platform is soon releasing its mainnet, a move that is important for the future of the platform. In line with its mainnet release, the platform released its economic w...

Bitcoin Halving - Coronavirus - Stock Market - Crypto with Legendary Analyst Mati Greenspan

1 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Cryptokoala

Mati Greenspan joins me to discuss the Bitcoin Halving, The Corona Virus, crypto and Global Stocks.   🔗Links to Mati 👥Mati Website and Newsletter : https://quantumeconomics.io/👫Mati on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatiGreenspan ---------------------...