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Im 25 years and from Switzerland :)

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First payout of publish0x

2 weeks ago Claudio $2.24 (684.8879 BNTY)

Hey :)   I just got my first payout of this site.  Want to show you that its working good. And all is legit :)      They pay out every monday. Im glad i found this site. its perfect to earn something in the bearmarket.      I just send it to my ETH...

Have a good week!

2 weeks ago Claudio $0.02 (6.8258 BNTY)

Hey :)  Already monday again? Dont worry. Your not alone :)  If you start good in the week or not depends on yourself. It‘s all mindset.  So dont worry be happy!  a little list to start good on monday! -dont stand up too late -drink a coffee and rela...

Storytime: "First time in belgrad and braces" 1/3

2 weeks ago Claudio $0.06 (18.7879 BNTY)

Hey :)      I DONT SPEAK ENGLISH AS FIRST LANGUAGE SO ITS NOT PERFECT.   Its a Story about how i go to belgrad for braces and whats my experience and toughts about all.  I will make 3 parts:   1.Part: First time in belgrad and braces. 2.Part: Second...