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Im 25 years and from Switzerland :)

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Hodl or trading

7 Feb 2019 Claudio $0.04 (22.1652 HYDRO)

Hey :)  Today i would like to tell you my strategie to get more btc. In the end its all that matters for me.  There are many diffrent ways to make profit and i want write about my best strategies.    First you need to be cool. Dont let emotion change...

My reason to invest in VeChain (VET)

6 Feb 2019 Claudio $0.19 (111.7088 HYDRO)

Hey :) I bought today 150k VET and i want to explain why. Maybe someone will do own research after reading this.   VeChain exist since 2015 and the vision is to build a blockchain based secure markets for informations and products. It‘s based on the...

Crypto influencer's TOP 3

5 Feb 2019 Claudio $0.08 (44.7934 HYDRO)

Hey :)   Today i would speak about my top 3 crypto influencers on youtube.   The first is Ivan on Tech. He's a very smart guy and explained most of the stuff you should now.  He is very active and make videos on a daily basis most time.  I think hes...