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May add more at a later date...possibly...maybe...used to be undecided....but now im just Not sure.

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Raspberry Pi - Project 07 (STORJ Farming Guide)

22 May 2020 Mynima

09 August 2020
changed my mind...i dont comment where my comments are DELETED...

Raspberry Pi - Project 07 (STORJ Farming Guide)

22 May 2020 Mynima

09 August 2020
PHORE....stakes at 24.57% PINKCOIN stakes at 23.53% RADIUM stakes at 20.80% NAVCOIN stakes at 15.97% BLOCKNET stakes at 14.78% you can find all of these coins plus loads of others that stake on this site https://btcpop.co/Faucet/?ref=304233 this site also has an exchange and Loads of other functions, and its Open Source. hope this comes in useful ..

Dividends, Interest, Staking and Gas! My Crypto Earnings!

5 Aug 2020 teutonium

06 August 2020
KYC kinda defeats the object of Cryptos...and just hands it back into the Bankers hands ... I avoid KYC like the plague wherever possible for that very reason, and the DEFI exchanges are Growing nicely.

Brave Rewards -BAT- How do they Calculate your “Attention”?

4 Aug 2020 raamesa

06 August 2020
can i suggest opening each advert and reading to the bottom of the add before closing the Tab...this seems to generate better results..and most months i earn 35bats..(PC1) and about 25 bats (PC2)..when an add arrives on PC1 i nudge the mouse on PC2 and hey presto..and add arrives there too... what i dont like about brave is not really about Brave...its their choice of UPHOLD to host the wallets...and UPHOLD loves their KYC...so a few of us got together and set up a youtube channel verified to receive Bats..and the owner of the channel Sends the Bats to the others in our group...thus...Getting around the UPHOLD Problem..(this does however mean that One Person has to go through the hoops set out By Uphold in order to Cash the bats out)

Introducing the Nifty Pride Foundation

6 Aug 2020 brucethegoose.eth

06 August 2020
Pride parades not too popular with the majority of people.. and why would they be?...who wants to see it paraded round the streets...or transvestites reading to Children?...of course its more than worthy for EVERYONE to give this crap the thumbs down...

I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [Week #3]

5 Aug 2020 Brawnd0

06 August 2020
Very interesting experiment...will be keeping a beady eye on this one...thanks for sharing.

Untangling Crypto Regulations: A European Journey

10 Jun 2019 Abhijoy Sarkar

12 June 2019
just need to make the American Connections now...Bon voyage.

To faucet or not to faucet – tips?

10 Jun 2019 Pletz_kc

10 June 2019
oh and i forgot....most all the faucets can be covered with two wallets....Atomic wallet..and ..coinomi...oh and allcoins has a CMD miner thats worth looking at too...ill be back if anything else springs to mind...good luck ;)

To faucet or not to faucet – tips?

10 Jun 2019 Pletz_kc

10 June 2019
just watch out for the OverZelous Mods on Faucethub...they love to act like petty Fascists with stupid Long Bans...Avoid it if you can....Allcoins isnt too bad...once you fight your way through the captchas and pop ups...firefaucet but its linked to faucethub...btcpop is good one captcha no popups...there are Loads..happy hunting ;)

Which is better mining or trading in 2019

5 Jun 2019 salahchiva

06 June 2019
yeah but if you mine with awesome miner....you get the best of pool switching algo switching profit switching and LOTS more...good to see you here dude ;) ...

So, Facebook's gonna have its own crypto in 2020: Globalcoin

28 May 2019 jadams2k18

29 May 2019
the rate that people are leaving Farcebook...will anyone be left there?...and why would anyone in their right mind stop where they can be Banned for 30 days by a frigging BOT?...people really are as Dumb as a box of Frogs.

Why I am Hodling Ripple (XRP)

27 May 2019 Ginae B. McDonald

27 May 2019
you do know that most of the ripple are held back right?... in a large enough amount that they could cut the price in half if they were to be released in huge chunks, right? you have considdered that the bankers could use a coin like ripple to dump the toxic dirivatives market into it?.. and you must be aware of the very large transfers that have been tested on the ripple block chain?.. Of course you have Silly me....

15 ways how to make money online

27 May 2019 aschatria

27 May 2019
let me guess...for your next article..."how to rob a bank and get away with it" ?....fast cash for a faster dash?...Lol..Loved it...

Hacker attack!!!

26 May 2019 ffetuo

26 May 2019
look into Stuxnet ...talpiot program..

Bitcoin BestMixer.io Shut Down by Authorities

26 May 2019 Matthew Rosenquist

26 May 2019
always check the url in the company's house registration link...if it says Beta....avoid it like the plague...woxltd dogeday smartbots dogex...same MO for each one.

Facebook Launches Swiss fintech company

22 May 2019 Cryptogoon

23 May 2019
Farcebook is DYING...and the sooner the better...

Binance BTC competition : A SCAM

22 May 2019 TigerTn

23 May 2019
wox ltd...Dogeday...dogexltd..Smartbots.ltd...all cons their companys house registration is clearly fraudulent and their ip traces to belize...Avoid them ALL...anything that sounds to good to be true...usual is ...Please dont get CONNED by them.

Computers are machines

22 May 2019 ArmFarm

22 May 2019
Alternatively...Download a free copy of any of the 1000s of FREE versions of Linux and never have any microsoft Windows problems EVER again...did i mention Linux is FREE ....oh yeah so i did.

DIY - Cannabis-infused gel capsules 💊

18 May 2019 xtetrahedron

18 May 2019
The mainstream call this Alternative medicine...when in actualy fact it should be called the Original Cure...because that IS what it DOES... For 5000 years this plant has been used... Over 5000 uses..and thats not including rolling it up and smoking it... the side effect that makes it illegal is that after smoking it.. you could well begin to see straight through the Governments coercion and That my friends is why they dont really want you or me...using it....but you know what...according to genesis 6..every seed bearing plant was given to us for Food...and this particular one...feeds the mind. and heals the body.....almost like it was Designed to be a stable part of our everyday existence on this Plane....Peace Love and Ganga....Please Tip this guy...xx

Atomic Wallet (Multi-currency) + airdrop

9 May 2019 CryptoGain

17 May 2019
I really do LOVE this wallet...300 coins...its got all of the major coins and just keeps on improving..their support is fast and friendly...id highly recommend this wallet and give it a 5 star rating.

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Brave Rewards -BAT- How do they Calculate your “Attention”?

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