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Why $DMM is one of the few DeFi tokens that can do well during the DeFi Winter

2 Sep 2020 Brawnd0

02 September 2020
Very true. DeFi founders worry abut explosive growth: https://www.somagnews.com/defi-founders-worry-about-explosive-growth DMM is one of my lowest caps. It has a good team, good fundamentals, and is Tim Draper backed. Incidentally, DMM is on Idex. Idex 2.0 will use Merkle Trees to batch Ethereum transactions so you pay a minimal fee to buy/trade DMM.

Learning how to code in my middle age - Done with C for now!

31 Aug 2020 NewToCrypto

02 September 2020
I had the same feeling when I was studying digital communications. I often didn't know how I arrived at my answers, but I did. I look at my old work now and I have no idea what any of it means, yet at the time I was scoring in excess of 90% on every assignment. Sometimes you just know without knowing.

12 Rules of Monk Mode #1: Live Like The Lobster

21 Aug 2020 New Moon Company

22 August 2020
A brilliant article and well worth the wait. So many men have lost their way and don't understand their role in society, as evidenced by the high level of male depression and suicide. Hopefully your articles will help some of these men and boys. Tipped here and with Brave browser.

I Sold LINK at $10 and Am OK With It, Don't Get FOMO, Use Stop-Limits

19 Aug 2020 JStack

19 August 2020
A great move. I think the tokenomics of Link are questionable, and the price is unsustainable.

Are High Fees Good or Bad in Crypto?

16 Aug 2020 TheDesertLynx

17 August 2020
Satoshi obviously didn't plan this far ahead.

I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [Week #4]

13 Aug 2020 Brawnd0

13 August 2020
This is a great experiment. Glad it's working out for you so far.

Learning how to code in my middle age - Week 4 [Memory]

12 Aug 2020 NewToCrypto

13 August 2020
Great to hear of your progress and the obstacles you've encountered. It sounds like you're doing well. Keep it up!

Dan Morehead: XRP will be one of the few cryptocurrencies to survive

10 Aug 2020 lcastillo90

11 August 2020
Nice summary and well written.

Daily comments limit on Publish0x?

10 Aug 2020 PVMihalache

10 August 2020
Maybe a solution for now is to allow a greater number of daily comments and then, for people who wish to comment more than this limit, charge a 'very' small fee from their earnings, with the fee increasing every 10 comments. This should stop excessive spam.

Foodbook #314 liver with lemon

27 Jul 2020 Krevasilis

27 July 2020
This is such a nutritous meal. Liver is practically a superfood. I'm going to try this for my kids, see if I can get them to eat liver. BTW, I made the meatballs again yesterday. My family say they are the best meatballs they've had - not a scrap of food was left!

Ghost - McAffee's Privacy Coin

25 Jul 2020 The Part Time Economist

27 July 2020
Great points. Exciting times indeed.

Charles Hoskinson Reaches Out To The Bitcoin Cash Community

26 Jul 2020 pasdfkjouj09jk

26 July 2020
This is something I see happening more and more. Many of these crypto startups will merge, adapt and evolve to create whole ecosystems that will compete with and complement each other. There may eventually only be one protocol for the Internet of Value, the Internet of Trust, etc, but there will be a multitude of technology layers sitting atop these base layers, which will be adopted and adapted according to business needs and requirements. This is why we should drop the tribalism and work together to create a welcoming environment to push mass adoption. Crypto nerds will be the winners.

someone calling themselves "Zeus Capital" is totally trashing Chainlink is this going too far?

23 Jul 2020 houndforcrypto

26 July 2020
The report is very detailed and seemingly well researched. I'd suggest watching ToTheLifeboats 2 hours analysis of the report on YT. He does a good job.

Digital Gold is less expensive to deal compare to Physical Gold?

26 Jul 2020 Hoticolist

26 July 2020
Probably more important is digital silver as the shipping costs really add up when you have to send so much more to cover the same value as the equivalent in gold. The brokers markups on precious metals are such a rip-off, I hope digital gold and silver really hammers their fees down.

Ghost - McAffee's Privacy Coin

25 Jul 2020 The Part Time Economist

26 July 2020
Great article. This is one coin I was planning to research, so your article is very welcome. Monero is the coin that first made me interested in crypto, athough I actually never bought any. Personally, I feel POW has a limited life, especially with the ClimateFinance movement. But then a part of me thinks large energy providers and governments won't want such an inefficient and costly protocol to disappear altogether, unless climate warriors really apply the pressure. I also think privacy coins will come under heavy attack in most parts of the world, but people (even corrupt governments) will still need private transactions, so maybe one of these privacy coins can be adopted to fit the needs of government and finance. We're still in such early days that it's hard to know where all of this will eventually lead.

What is a Liquidity Pool?

26 Jul 2020 Bichoco

26 July 2020
Thanks. These sort of plain English tutorials should be the norm.

Chainlink FUD Exposed

23 Jul 2020 xyzashu

26 July 2020
I've always been a little suspicious about Chainlink. I didn't deep dive, but I read a little about it when I bought some last summer, based purely on the advice given by a Crypto Signals trading group prior to a brief pump and dump. I made a couple of good trades on it, but I don't hold any. The report is very interesting and should be read by anyone holding Link token. Some of the material is pushing it a little far, but much appears to be factual. The information presented on Chainlink's partnerships is very interesting, as is also the tokenomics, the alleged attempted obfuscation of token sales by the team, the purported lack of genuine github activity, and the apparent centralisation of Link by the top 16 nodes. ToTheLifeBoats on YT does a reasonable analysis of the report. It's a 2 hour video, but worth watching if you don't want to read the full 50+page report - easily watchable at 175% speed. He doesn't reach a definitive conclusion, but he does highlight some very important points.

Not everyone can become an F1 driver, but most can get a driver’s license

21 Jul 2020 NewToCrypto

26 July 2020
I'm just learning to trade crypto. 26 days so far. I'm in a group where one member has given me a few tips to start with. After 5 trades I'm somehow up 73%! Better than a savings account. :) I mainly trade on Idex, an Ethereum based exchange, so I trade Ethereum with QNT, DMG, LIT and UBT. This means if my trade goes the wrong way then I just have to hold the coin until it regains. Keep with the coding. I only see this skill growing in demand. Your posts are making me want to get back into it, maybe I will. Thanks. TC.

Not everyone can become an F1 driver, but most can get a driver’s license

21 Jul 2020 NewToCrypto

25 July 2020
Good thanks. Should be working for myself by around October, as the company I work for is using COVID to rip up our terms and conditions and start again. Can't wait to get out to be honest. I'm also teaching myself trading and I'm up 73% in 26 days, so maybe I have something else to explore. How are you coping? Is your business still ticking along?

Any idea for name ???

24 Jul 2020 Krevasilis

24 July 2020
How about a lockdown name? Corona/Krona. Locky/Loki (abbreviation for lockdown). Or just Smudge. Looks like a smudge to me. :)

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Ethereum 2.0 on Track For November Launch, Says Dev

15 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments ashiiik

Ethereum 2.0 is the next generation of the popular blockchain. In brief Ethereum 2.0 is on track for a November launch. That's according to one of the developers building an ETH 2.0 client. There are a couple of things that still need to be done, ho...

XRP Possible Moonshot?

15 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Betsy Malone

Hey guys, Here's an update on XRP. Fundamentals    Technical Analysis Coinbase Daily XRPUSD We can anticipate a retest of the downward trendline at the visible high volume area near .19.  The next lower support is at the .706 (.1837) Fib retracement...

Minecraft NFT to storm the world in 2020

14 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments PVMihalache

Minecraft, the Mojang Studios amazing creation and currently Microsoft brand, is looking to expand into a new market. The sandbox game was officially released in 2011, and took the world by storm, becoming the best-selling video game of all time. The...

BNB, DOT, & LINK Price Analysis - Where Are We Going?

13 Sep 2020 7 minute read comments CryptoChartWizard91

Hello traders! I’ve been relatively inactive with my analysis recently, so I decide to update some of the major altcoins out there - BNB, DOT, and LINK. Binance Coin Overview Binance Coin has been on an absolute rampage as of late and has managed to...

Bitcoin Will Never Destroy Your Government’s Money

13 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments MarkHelfman

Imagine you had a choice: pay your taxes with money that always loses value or money that always gains value. Which would you choose? You’d pay with the money that loses value. Why give up money that will be worth more in the future when you can...

New Meme Coin HotDogSwap Out, Goes from $0 to $6000 and Back to $0

3 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Abhi K

The DeFi market has received yet another asset named after food, this time a meme coin called HotDogSwap, which was released on September 2. The asset experienced tremendous volatility in a matter of minutes, highlighting the increasing number of unv...

August Money Report: Crypto is my Thunder Buddy!

3 Sep 2020 5 minute read comments PVMihalache

I always promoted the idea of a diversified portfolio and the spread of extra money in various types of investments which will produce either residual income or has potential to generate profit. Residual income is any amount of money which is not the...

BAT to hit $40?

3 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments TurboBurger

It might be tongue-in-cheek, but a post on the BATProject Reddit page is predicting BAT will inevitably rise to an impressive $40. A poll on the page asks users when they think the price could hit the $40 mark. Of the more than 400 people who took pa...

Learning how to code in my middle age - Week 6 [Python]

2 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments NewToCrypto

I finished watching the Week 6 lecture yesterday and started working on the assignment this morning. We are mostly redoing the previous assignments we've submitted (done in C) in Python. I'm comparing the C codes and Python codes and just shaking my...

Why $DMM is one of the few DeFi tokens that can do well during the DeFi Winter

2 Sep 2020 5 minute read comments Brawnd0

Yes, you heard correct - DeFi Winter.  As much as you would hate to hear this, nothing lasts forever. The market cannot go up infinitely without any pullbacks. Eventually, the Wintertime will come for DeFi, similar to what 2017/18 traders experienced...



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