5 Things To Consider About CBD (Cannabidiol)

5 Things To Consider About CBD (Cannabidiol)

1. CBD does not make the nerves fire that would make you feel high like THC does. Most CBD products contain very low amounts of THC, but if you don't want any THC at all try this: https://thingscbd.com/collections/cbd-for-anxiety-mood/products/green-roads-apple-kiwi-bliss-broad-spectrum-cbd-oil-10mg-ml  

2. CBD enhances the ability of the natural molecules in your body to make your nervous system function optimally. Having a daily dose of https://thingscbd.com/collections/cbd-capsules/products/green-roads-cbd-capsules-750-mg can help you achieve this.   

3. First time CBD user? Start at a low mg of CBD and continue to increase as you learn what dosage is right for you to achieve your desired results. This is a favorite of our first time users looking for pain relief: https://thingscbd.com/collections/cbf-for-pain/products/soothing-cbd-topical-cream-150mg  

4. Inflamed cells, cells that are larger than they would normally be, and are causing pain or discomfort to your body can be helped with CBD. We know that CBD has excellent anti inflammatory properties that can help relieve pain. This is one of our favorites: https://thingscbd.com/collections/cbf-for-pain/products/cbdfx-cbd-gel-capsules-750mg  

5. It is vital when you are purchasing CBD to know how many milligrams are in your products. Many products on the market have such a low percentage of CBD that you could consume an entire bottle and not feel any of the positive effects possible with higher quality products. Don’t waste your money! Here is one of our higher strength products: https://thingscbd.com/collections/cbd-tinctures/products/bluebird-botanicals-classic-hemp-6x-cbd-oil  

Try some CBD today and start feeling better!

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5 Things To Consider About CBD (Cannabidiol)
5 Things To Consider About CBD (Cannabidiol)

Considering trying CBD? Here are some things to consider.

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