Free Earnings in March 2022

By Chaz1q | Free 1q | 31 Mar 2022

Disclaimer: *No financial advice*

I check occasionally online for possible free earnings and will post my results on publish0x. Still, DYOR!

First things first, the Legion Network did not met any expectation so far. The LGX Token release was postponed to April 7th. It took them 4 days to actually post something about this on reddit. Since i am not familiar (and i got no reason doing so in the near future) with "Telegram" i had no clue about this until i was looking it up myself. Nothing on Twitter or inside their actual App. Seems shady to me...stay safe! An Update will follow.

Next up is Bitpanda. This Exchange is based in Austria and beside crypto they give you the option to invest in stocks, etf´s and metals. Their Fees are quite high compared to other platforms tho. See here for more Infos about Limits and Fees. The Bitpanda Academy is what we are looking for. After you got verified you are able to take part of their Beginner lessons wich will earn you 5 € worth of their BEST Token after you've answered some questions (similar to f.e. Coinbase´s Learn & Earn). The Token can easily be swaped to f.e. Cardano (ADA) and also withdrawn from them afterwards.

Cake DeFi, well known for their high staking rewards are giving away 5 $ for free in their native DFI Token. On the Learn & Earn page you simple answer some crypto related questions and voilà, 5 $ for free! The earned tokens are frozen for 1 month and it took me some time to actually find out how to withdraw them since the platform itself wont let me simple swap to something i can easily withdraw. Its quite been a while so i don´t remember it in detail but to keep it short, i used Bittrex. In the end i received ~10 $ since the token almost doubled in price + the staking reward while being frozen.


On a side note please be aware that the CEO of CakeDefi has become known for being part of "TenX" in the past. Who am i to judge, but please keep this in mind and DYOR before you put your own money into this project.

Coinbase, should by now be known all over the place. Learn and Earn. I recommend CB, but i personaly had have a very, very bad experience with them.

Last but not least: 0.7132 AMPL and 10.7484 STA from Publish0x.

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