Free Earnings in April 2022

By Chaz1q | Free 1q | 5 May 2022


Disclaimer: *No financial advice*

I check occasionally online for possible free earnings and will post my results on publish0x. Still, DYOR!

This is the last time i will mention the Legion Network. As expected they postponed the release of the earned tokens again for the 3rd time now. I am tired of them, its not worth the effort for 8$ in my opinion. Do your business with them as you seem fit.

Good News for fans of Cake DeFiYou can now earn an additional 5$ worth of BTC-DeFi Tokens via their Learn & Earn. Check my last post for more info. 

Coinmarketcap, well known like Coinbase. Whenever there is a new token released they give away a portion and for this you simply answer a few questions after reading/watching some info about the token in question. You have to be fast tho. I never earned something but they seem legit.


This is probably going to be my last post on P0x for quite some time as (legit) free earnings are rare these days.

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Free 1q

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