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By 1BTC Project | 1BTC | 6 May 2023

It is unclear when I start down the path of turning my cell phone into a crypto side hustle. I think it may have ticked over a full year not too long ago. I have been doing micro tasks online since 2019, that I am sure of. Because of this, I have incorporated some apps into my normal routines. I am at the point of obsession that no one in my life really know about this hobby, because I know it is weird. 

I wrote about my daily crypto activities in January. Much has changed since then. In that post I gave some value to the COIN tokens, which at the moment is difficult to calculate so I wont. But I estimated 250 tokens = $0.17 cents. I now mine about 1000 tokens per day. ($0.68 CAD)

First thing I do when I wake up is open my Shake Pay app and give my phone a shake to keep my #ShakeSats streak alive. This is now rewarding me with over 235 sats per day. ($0.09 CAD)

Then I open up COIN. I have turned on Background Rewards on so I add about about 80 COIN right away. I turn on a Mental Exercise and mine a few times before moving to the next. I like to do 25 minigames to start my day. It takes about 5 minutes and nets me over 30 tokens. In the Coin app you can click the green play button on the left hand side to watch an ad. They build up to a que of 5 ads, I like to clear them out when I grind my morning geomines. I can usually get around 200 COIN in a morning withour really trying too hard.

Third things third, I hit my faucets. I open Cointiply and roll the faucet. Due to logging in daily for a while now each time I roll the faucet I add, at minimum, $0.005 CAD. I then work through the PTC adds while I brush my teeth and get ready for the day. This will add roughly 200 tokens. ($0.03 CAD)

Then I hit the Fire Faucet (article to come). Before leaving I make sure to read a Publish0x article and leave a tip. ($0.01 CAD)

My SWEAT step counter is always on, so if I am walking to work I will usually tally up another SWEAT token. $0.01 CAD. While walking I like to open up COIN, turn on auto-mining, dim the screen, and mine my way to work. Geomining on auto while travelling anywhere can be huge. Sometimes when you get to your destination you could be up 100s of COIN. I really enjoy the SWEAT economy. Its not a ton of earning, but its all passive. With the help of grow jars I think it has some potential. I would like to see it earn my a nickel a day eventually. 

Maybe on the walk in I want a coffee or a snack. I like to load $100 CAD into my Shake Pay wallet every time I get paid. This is my petty cash. Things like coffee or a protein bar. Mindless, habitual purchases that make like a little more fun. When I buy things using my Shake Pay I get 3% back in BTC. I do not count this money towards my monthly spend, because if Shake Pay didn’t exist I would be spending this money regardless. ($0.105 CAD)

If its gross out or I am feeling lazy I’ll take public transport in. This means I can roll the Cointiply faucet again, or play a rewarded play game for either COIN or Cointiply, or grind out some geomining. Or I may complete a survey if I'm feeling up to it. I like to monetize my down time using these silly little apps. 

At work I try to roll the Cointiply faucet as often as possible. I am happy with 5 or 6 rolls per day ($0.02 CAD) I check in on Publihs0x 3-5 five times per day ($0.03 CAD). If I am on hold for a while I will grind out a few Mental Exercises. 

Once per day I restart my mining counter on the Pi Network app and a new app that I found called Bitcoin Miner. The latter is unproven but shows more portential at this point than Pi. In a few months if I can prove Bitcoin Miner to be a viable option I will let you guys know. 

After work I like to go to the gym. I have been using a 5 sets per exercise so it lines up with my coin app. Between sets I turn I clear 5 tiles in the coin app. I set the activity to 25 clears which rewards me a bonus 25 tokens on completion. So every exercise I mine no less than 30 tokens. 

With very little extra effort I add about $0.96 CAD to my crypto pile per day. Some days more, some days less. 

$0.96 per day

$6.72 per week

$26.88 per month

$322.00 per year.

You may be thinking that's a small amount. But these are just tools I use to build in the background. $322 per year for having a phone, access to wifi and electricity. This is extra almost passive income.

In a time where a third of Canadians are $300 away from insolvency, I hope that I can show them a way to build a crypto asset base without reducing their purchasing power. 

With all my other crypto activities I am most likely going to add $1,000 CAD to my crypto position without having to spend anywhere close to $1,000.

My goal is to get to a full bitcoin. I hope someone out there reads this and see that they can come on the ride with me. I hope they see that they don't have to choose between making cuts to their budget and getting into the asset class of the future. 

At this rate it may take me 30 years to get to a full token. I will get there and I don't have to sell my todays for a better tomorrow. I'm just going to keep grinding slowly, and I hope some of you grind with me.

Just keep building. 



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Keep building!

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