Etherum gaining popularity cryptocurrency and some facts about it.

Etherum gaining popularity cryptocurrency and some facts about it.

By xmen1112 | 19Krake89 | 11 Jun 2020

Welcome to Publish0x. I am a beginner and I know that many people are looking for information on cryptocurrencies. Already for several years, cryptocurrency has appeared next to money in coins or coins. It appears more and more, it is difficult to keep up with it and its varieties. It is known that BTC is the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency, but what about others. Recently, the Etherum cryptocurrency or ETH is gaining popularity. Etherum is a currency platform used to support ether cryptocurrency or ETH. The current value of the aforementioned cryptocurrency is 1 ETH = 954.76 PLN.


At the beginning a bit of history: The creator of Etherum was the Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin. He invented Etherum in 2013. Funds to start the project were raised by selling ETH tokens from crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding - definition Crowdfunding, called crowdfunding or crowdfunding, is a type of support for the most ingenious entrepreneurs. Anyone interested can participate because payments are made online and are voluntary. The key is to gather as many project supporters as possible and encourage them to provide financial assistance. In other words, crowdfunding is a process in which a company or individual tries to raise capital on the internet to carry out their ventures. Crowdfunding can have a physical or only emotional form. With it, you can implement both business and socio-cultural ideas. Payments can take the form of:

• donations - charitable nature,

• remuneration - receiving various goods in return for payment,

• investments - the payment allows us to participate in future profits.

Description of the cryptocurrency:

ETH is a platform that is used to conclude smart contracts based on blockchain technology. This network consisting of nodes created by users is called EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). The token that is the means of payment is 1 Ether (1ETH). Currently, after the division of the network, which is the result of the hard fork carried out in 2016 and the lack of agreement between all network users, we have two currencies: Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).


Let's say you decide to sell something valuable. You want everything to go smoothly, safely and without unnecessary immersion in the subject. So you hire a broker who will take care of everything, cover the paperwork and guarantee a secure transaction. Finally, he'll get some interest on the sale. Smart contracts give very similar effects, but bypassing this unpleasant part about calculating commissions. So who is involved in regulations, checking both parties to the transaction, security etc.? Smart contracts operate on the principle of a machine ("if you choose A, it reaches B") and in a sense a deposit - as a seller, you "throw" your product, while the buyer gives the agreed amount. When both parties meet the conditions, the contract makes a transaction - you receive money and the other party sells the item. All rules are set before entering into the contract and enforced during its implementation. Thanks to this, the system can work automatically and autonomously. Maximum number of coins:

None Coin extracted: 92,221,271 ETH

First block: 30/07/2015

Number of blocks: 3823578

Average time between blocks: about 15s

Block reward: 5 Ether (ETH)

Blockchain size: 61.66 GB

Number of nodes: 23529

Algorithm: Ethash



When we look carefully at the differentiating features of Bitcoin and Ethereum, we come to the conclusion that the second cryptocurrency is much more universal, gives more opportunities. It is no wonder then that 2017 is not only in terms of the growing BTC price, but also the growing valuation and popularity of ETH. ETH seems to have more features of payment. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, due to its inalienable features, will become rather a kind of virtual gold, i.e. assets that retain capital over time.



Geth (Go-ethereum) - core wallet which is also an Ethereum node for Windows / Linux / OSX

Jaxx - a wallet for Windows / Linux / OSX adapted also for mobile devices on Android / iOS systems

Parity - a wallet for Windows / Linux / OSX adapted to run in a web browser

Mist - Core wallet for Windows / Linux / OSX

Etherwall - wallet for Windows / Linux / OSX

Ethereum is supported by the three most known hardware wallets: Trezor, Ledger and Keepkey


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