How I made 100 $ getting scammed 😂

By PirateBunny | 101 Crypto | 14 Mar 2022

A true story of greed and a lucky rabbit!

I guess most of the people here think they are quite clever and decently crypto educated - myself included. We know not to share our seed phrases , not to believe in APY and APR that sound to good to be true and still we can be victims of our own greed.

For five days I thought I discovered the best thing since sliced bread in crypto. A service that pays me 1 % a day of interests on my USDT stable coins. All I needed to do therefore is to put USDT into my metamask wallet and add it to the "liquidity pool" by paying the gas fee for a ether smart contract. Totally financial advice: Do NOT interact anyhow with this "service"

So how did I discover this "service"? I am not a telegram guy and rarely use it so I am immune into scams there but I am using twitter very often. Once I commented on a tweet and got feedback on this comment by a woman via my DMs. Everytime I get any feedback on my Twitter account via a DM I always feel flattered. I do not have many followers there as it is not my private twitter account and I use the account only for occasional crypto tweets. So I had a little conversation with this other account - lets call her Anna and assume the account is really the one of a woman. Anna liked my comment and after that day we sometimes exchanged a little small talk. She claimed to be successful in crypto and we discussed about common topics a bit. After a few days the conversation died and that was ok. In the end we are talking about twitter - it is hard to find any deep meaning in there. But Anna came back to me asking me again how I am doing and everything so I replied kind person that I am. I had no bad feeling about she being an impostor or something so one day she mentioned that service she invested in recently that did good profit for her. I checked it out and did not really understand how it works and what its doing (not even who is running this kind of service) but as you only needed to deposit some stable coins there and leave it in my Metamask wallet and pay some ETH gas (which is incredibly cheap at this time) I thought I give at try. What can go wrong and as Anna vouched for it and told me just to be careful with not sharing my seed phrase I thought she is on my site and lets go. I put 2.000 USDT into my Metamask wallet and paid the contract. Immediately numbers went up and I was like ok - awesome - it works - I have been pointed out to a hidden crypto gem. Next day same time I made like 24 $ and I was like hyped. That is roughly 1 % DAILY! So you think: Lets convert other crypto into USDT and put it there as long as it works but even while greed kicks you still have a bit of sanity that tells you: These are only numbers going up - lets leave it running 3 days and then collect the rewards. So after two day I got back and withdraw 50 $ from my earnings on this page while all the other 2 K USDT where still in my wallet. 



Great this all looks legit and even pays out - let us do some calculations. I added the numbers into excel and was shocked - if you compound monthly with these interests 100 $ turn into more than 2.300 $ after a year while 2 K USDT turn into 46 K USDT within a year! Shock & awe - even within the crypto defi space this is to good to be true and now suddenly it all comes together. Anna asking me casually but daily about my progress on the service and I tell her that I am quite satisfied but do not understand how it works and whether it is legit. Usually I am not the dumbest guy around and understand things if they are explained to me but she never rang a bell with me. She came up with some additional explanations I did not really grasp even after asking and asking. Also her english sounded somehow off for an american citizen which seemed strange to me even as I am not being a native english speaker.

And suddenly it all come together in my mind - I was misguided by greed! If you wante to betray someone I would exactly do it like this. I did some research on reddit about usdt and crazy interests and later came up with the idea of checking the contract on etherscan:

Now even I understood that is all a major scam - panic! I told Anna that I am super happy with the service and will add some more money. Then I collected the interest and transferring everything out of my Metamask wallet while revoking the contract (thx . After that I blocked Anna and deleted our messages as I felt so embarrased that I could be lured so easily into a higly risky transaction and with my heart pounding intensly I read through the comment section on etherscan. Poor people over there really lost some money and by trying to get it back people are scamming them again while impersonating being helpful support people! And all of this is happening since over two years!

Thank God I was lucky - I got out and even made like 100 $ (tbh deduct some 20 $ on gas from it) and learned some lessons:

  • Trust no one!
  • If greed and fomo kicks in step back and reconsider!
  • If something sounds to good to be true it is most of the time not true (Occams Razor)!
  • Do not take financial advice from someone you do not know!
  • Doing your own research is a thing and if you do not find answers - do not do it!
  • Only invest what you can afford to lose!

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