Pet Kingdom Tutorial: Is Pet Kingdom the most profitable blockchain game on BSC chain?

Pet Kingdom Tutorial: Is Pet Kingdom the most profitable blockchain game on BSC chain?

By Clebby | 0xGamers | 15 Oct 2021


                        What is Pet Kingdom? 

Pet kingdom is an up and coming blockchain play-to-earn game based on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The game is very simple; you play as the avatar of a pet warrior battling against rebels on different planets in the solar system. What is a pet warrior? pet warriors are the main assets in Pet Kingdom. They are the good guys used in battles daily to earn rewards. There are 6 rarity levels rated from 1 star to 6 stars(common, uncommon, rare, super rare, epic and legendary) of unique pet warriors on each planet which will determine how much rewards you can earn per day. Higher rarity= more rewards.

How do players earn rewards? For each battle you win you get rewarded with $PKD(Pet Kingdom's native token) until you reach the daily limit. The daily limit depends on the planet and the rarity of your pet warrior. For example, on planet Mars a common pet warrior earns you up to 23.5 $PKD daily while a legendary pet warrior has a limit of 37.85. On each planet there's a limit to how many pets you can own but you're allowed to register multiple accounts using different wallet addresses. You're allowed to own up to 4 pets on Mars which would bring in approximately 100-150 $PKD daily in rewards. The cost of an incubator(pet warrior) in mars is 340 $PKD.

The daily rewards limit increases as we move from planet to planet and different galaxies down the road. A new planet(map) is unlocked when the current one sells out. This figure is viewable on the website and is updated live. How fast you reach your daily limit depends on pet rarity, EXP level and ATK strength. When the daily rewards limit is reached players can still fight battles to gain more EXP points which is needed to level up their pets and improve ATK strength or wait until the daily rewards limit resets at the specified time(once every 24 hours at 0:00 UTC).

Higher rarity=>higher daily rewards limit

Higher EXP level=>higher ATK=>win more battles/reach daily rewards limit faster


Account Registration

97e2accc933458591d3e7ef9dcd62fbd784b631641f3a3090b32c112fe940c99.pngTo register an account all you need is an email address and a web3 wallet such as metamask. Once you're at the pet kingdom website(link below) just simply connect your wallet and register with your email. A One Time Password(OTP) will be sent to your email. Then you'll be asked to approve the contract on metamask. 

2826b992815a65c35c3bd24043e9b87b8745d7437988d4afd71fe240ecb61f36.pngNow that you're all set up let's get some $PKD. First you'll need to buy a BSC token such as $BNB from an exchange like Binance and transfer it to your wallet. Since $PKD is not yet listed on an exchange you'll need to imported it and swap your $BNB for $PKD at You can also import it straight from the official Pet Kingdom website at Just click on "buy PKD" and you'll be redirected to Pancakeswap. Double check the contract address.


In the current galaxy you will see 5 different planets(Earth, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) and the sun at the top of the website. You can only battle on current and previous planets. To see how close we are to unlocking a new planet you can click on the next planet to the right. The price of an incubator, the daily rewards limit and the number of incubators to be sold varies from planet to planet. Incubator price and rewards limit increases with every new planet while the supply of incubators will decrease.

Purchasing Incubators

0d109f6a1c0206c9adc593411ae060b0c658c7a8cd77505dcc47541fd5485bf5.jpgTo purchase an incubator go to Incubator tab and select an incubator to morph. Note that Incubators are limited and the supply is decreased from planet to planet, starting at 35000 on Earth cutting down to 2500 on Jupiter. When the current planet sells out a new planet will be unlocked and players can buy incubators from there. Once you purchase(morph) an incubator a pet warrior of a random rarity will be hatched and ready to battle. Remember that although there's a limit of how many incubators each account can own per planet, you can essentially purchase as many as you want while supplies last by registering multiple accounts. The current planet is Mars and the limit is 4 incubators per account.

Food Store

f12877b964e774a012a95b087eca2795609c46c2a4ed62df78597d15c21cf5d0.pngThe food store is used to refuel your pet's vitality by feeding them. Every battle, whether won or lost, will cost you some vitality and you'll have to feed your pet to recover it. Food is free but also scarce. The more pets you have the more food items you'll have access to. Pets of higher rarity will have better food items and therefore recover faster.


f6c7a547c2cf55cf4cb7bc48dbb1b7d41409281fe35f6b0f2ccb7172b75cc8d3.pngTo earn rewards players will have to battle the rebels. To fight you simply select your pet warrior and one rebel from easy mode to extreme. The more difficult the more EXP points and rewards you can gain per battle.


d7fed1e65a13fd5fea320a4d4c4ba5e1f12f74d4d05483726809521f1acb5f35.pngHere you can buy and sell your NFTs . The marketplace is not fully functional right now as you can only buy and sell pets. Soon in other planets/galaxies players will have the ability to purchase stones, vitality and even a whole planet.

Fusion NFT

6f0dae316a933c2df7f30d296c8440fb1ed3900177901c67e8ce7c7d928934c0.pngWhen a new planet unlocks players can choose to move their pets to the new planet by merging(burning) two pet NFTs to create a stronger pet warrior capable of battling the new rebels.

When two warriors are combined, Pet 1 (Higher Rarity) + Pet 2 (Lower rarity)= New Pet

  • For Pet Rarity: Keep the higher rarity
  • For EXP: New Pet EXP = 100% EXP Pet 1 + 25% EXP Pet 2
  • For ATK: New Pet ATK = ATK Pet 1 + 75% ATK Pet 2

 Referral Program

9c66b2ddedd86a363f37e521ffbed852979743c6204322a2970a9c4c4e187a5a.pngPlayers can earn passive income by referring new players to join. Earn up to 8% instant rewards for every incubator your invites purchase and up to 8% lifetime rewards for every $PKD your invites earn from battles. More details here.

                           Other Features

Scholarship Mode

6d5949766d055d6c0c663fa2053195c689e60311ddcdddb755404c62b5ec40b7.pngPet kingdom allows players to be managers and hire others to manage their pets for them. Scholars and managers will agree to split the rewards. Scholars don't need an account, they simply log in using the manager's account(don't worry they'll have limited access and cannot withdraw rewards). This is a great feature for people that don't have the funds to be able to earn some $PKD with no commitments or if they just simply wanna try out the game.


Players can gift their pets to others or to themselves if they have multiple accounts

PvP Mode and Tournaments

These features have yet to be released. Details coming soon

Partnership Tokens/Bonus Rewards

This was just announced 24 hours ago...Players can now earn other tokens from battles along with $PKD(this does not affect the daily $PKD limit). More info soon.

You will soon be able to earn another token while still getting PKD in every battle...The pet tokens bonus will come from other NFT games which are partners with Pet Kingdom

Incentive for registering with my referral link: I'm offering anyone that registers through my referral link or with my referral code below the chance to try out the game for free through the scholarship program. I'll let anyone that's interested use my account to play & earn some $PKD for up to 24 hours. You'll keep the rewards you earn(up to 25 $PKD).

If you have any questions please comment below or get at me on twitter and I'll be sure to answer. Thanks for your time!!


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