My Next Goals

I want to get my sub $100(<$100) holding layer up to at least >$100 of each altcoin. I will make sure to buy altcoins gradually, only when a Coin is <4% down or when it’s near support.

Then I want to accumulate up to $5000 SOL, $5000 BTC, $5000 ETH, $5000 XLM, & $5000 XRP gradually buying dips. I already have $4000 SOL, $1000 BTC, $1000 ETH, $1000 XLM, & $1000 XRP.

I will need $16,000 to get BTC, ETH, XLM, & XRP to $5k each. Then I’m estimating I will need $1-2k to get my sub $100 altcoin layer up to >$100 each

I will do boatlods of Walmart Spark grocery delivery to get there.

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I am an avid Crypto investor on Coinbase

08/22/23 BTC Market Dominance/My Buys
08/22/23 BTC Market Dominance/My Buys

Be aware of BTC market dominance. This drags all Crypto coins up or down. I tend to make all of my buys: BTC/alts only when BTC is down a lot because of this. I made MANY buys today when BTC was at ~$25,682/Coin. I bought $1,756 SOL @$20.10/Coin, $115 ETH @$1,611/Coin, $1,015 BTC @$25.682/Coin, $993 XRP @$0.51/Coin, $287 XLM @$0.12/Coin, $82 00 @$0.0816/Coin, $34 JUP @$0.0041/Coin, $42 AST @$0.0772/Coin, $41 BCH @$182/Coin, $84 GST @$0.0105/Coin, $37 INV @$31.29/Coin, $32 MSOL @$22.95/Coin>Cont. Next Blog

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